Covid-19 Testing

Star Pharmacy offers both a drive-through and in-store self-administered nasal-swab PCR COVID-19 test. These tests are acceptable for travel documentation.

Rapid tests are also available upon request.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions and then fill out the appointment request form at the bottom of this page. Once the form is filled you may walk-in any time during testing hours.

Testing is available Monday – Friday (9:30am – 5pm) and Saturday (12pm – 3pm)

What documents are required?

  • Photo ID is Required
  • Insurance info is required ONLY if you have insurance.
  • Travel ticket is required if you plan on travelling

Is a prescription required?

Prescriptions are NOT required for Covid-19 testing.

How do I get the report sent to a Doctor?

If you need the report sent directly to your physician, please CALL the pharmacy and have the DOCTOR NAME and FAX # available.

Pharmacy: 732-777-1717

When is the testing appointment?

After you complete the form below, the pharmacy will contact you with an appointment time.

Is an appointment required?


How long does it take for results?

  • Results should be expected within 1 business day.
  • Rapid test results are available in 15 minutes.
  • No testing is performed on weekends or holidays.

Where is testing performed?

All tests are self-administered and located via the drive-through behind the pharmacy.

If you do not have a car, CALL the pharmacy upon arrival and a bin with the kit will be placed near the COVID sign. Please stand back 10 feet until kit is placed for you.

How is the COVID test performed?

The COVID-19 test is a self-administered nasal swab PCR test. Pharmacy staff give you the materials, guide you through the entire process and collect the samples.

How do I receive results?

Test results are delivered via the email provided in the appointment form.

  1. To begin, click ‘the Order My Test Now’ button below.
  2. Follow all prompts to register your testing information.
  3. Once the form is completed, you may walk-in any time during Star Pharmacy testing hours.
    Testing is available Monday – Friday (9:30am – 5pm) and Saturday (12pm – 3pm)